Add-on assembly software for MES/ERP/WMS:

Assembly line
  1. ProSuite® can guarantee you to save costs while improving your efficiency, your productivity and your quality using torque tool technology.
  2. It’s your solution to reduce the TCO of your shop floor equipment and to improve the traceability and quality of your products.
  3. ProSuite is active in several general industries such as:
    1. automotive
    2. aerospace
    3. offroad
    4. electronics
  4. ProSuite®  is licensed software.
  5. ProSuite is building Quality, NOT checking Quality.
  6. ProSuite has process control over the assembly.
Manage assembly process (Process control)Full traceabilityScalable
• Instruct the operator• Tightening result• Basic
• Serial number level• Serial numbers• Expert
• Interact with assembly tools and devices• Pick/Put to Light• Enterprise
• Workstations, lines and factories• Measurements
• Acknowledge
Off the shelf assembly software
ProSuite Solutions

ProSuite features:

Compatible with 99% of all fastening tools

ProSuite Compatible brands

Licensed software
Multi languages
Assembling industry

Easy to use
Quick to install

Guide to operators
Work instructions
Increases productivity

With ProSuite you can build a correct product

Our mission is to create future software for the customer to ensure flawless production

ProSuite people