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ProSuite assembly software
New ProSuite updates available!

With our software assurance and SAAS program we provide continuous improvement on all of our applications.

We just released a new version of all our ProSuite modules. Be sure to install these to get the most out of your investment and keep up with current state of technology!

Support available, only when latest or one older version is installed.

So update now to the latest version with your software assurance

Exclaimer Our latest versions
    Our Basic latest versions:

  • ProTight V1: 1.10.1   V2: 2.0.67
  • ProTrac   V1: 1.2.28   V2: 2.1.0

  • Our Expert latest versions:

  • ProCollect V1: 2.0.28  V2: 3.1.0
  • ProControl V1: 1.2.0  V2: 2.1.0

  • Our Enterprise latest versions:

  • ProSuite - ProVide V1: 1.4.13  V2: 2.1.0

Request your download link for the installation of your update. SA required! No update from V1 to V2.
ProSuite grows with
your needs!
From 1 station to ...
Basic with datacollection
connect MES/ERP/... for full production control

More stations
More needs!

Protect your investment!
With a SA you can always upgrade to the last version with the latest specifications!

Ask you free demo license here