Terms and conditions

Sales conditions

  • Project work:
    • the advance to be paid on order : 30%
    • After delivery Hardware: 30%
    • After start-up application: 30 %
    • After delivery final documentation : 10 %
  • Direct labour:
    • 100% after delivery work and 1 bill per month minimally.
  • Licenses:
    • 100% before delivery of the license keys.

All complaints should be sent by recorded delivery within 8 days to us, Hendrik Consciencelaan 79, B-9950 LIEVEGEM

The Guarantee follows the terms of guarantee of the supplier. For supplying services it will always be an agreement of means.

The delivery periods will be declared as information and without guarantee , the expiration of the delivery periods does not give the mandatory the right to destroy or claim a compensation for the order, the invoices have to be paid within 30 after the invoice date.

If the customer doesn’t pay within 8 days after receiving an exhortation , the customer owes an interest of neglect of 12% per year and a fixed compensation of 10% of the invoice amount. With a minimum of € 125, starting on the exhortation date until the day of complete payment. Furthermore we retain the right to suspend the execution of commitments  until the customer has paid the expired invoice. Every delay in the payment by the customer makes all the owed sums claimable immediately. The delivered goods and services stay the property of De Jaeger until the complete owed sum has been paid.

In case of a dispute, only the courts of Gent & Eeklo have jurisdiction and is only the Belgian law is applicable.

Intellectual property rights

Under intellectual property rights we understand: All intellectual, industrial and different property rights (regardless if these are registered or not), including but not limited to author rights, neighboring rights brands, trademarks, logo’s, drawings, models or requests for registration as drawing or model, patents, requests for patents, domain names , know-how, as well as rights on databases, computer programs and semiconductors.

The customer explicitly acknowledges that all intellectual property rights are connected to our products and services belong to our company or a third party with who we have closed an agreement on this matter and that the customer by this agreement does not gain control of these rights, other than defined hereafter.

We grant a non-exclusive user license (hereafter user license) to the customer for the use of the delivered products, more specifically the in the invoice admitted installations, together with the number of users admitted in the invoice.

The user license is valid for the same period as the protection of the product by intellectual property rights. The client is forbidden to grant sublicenses or the products to third parties in any way, shape or form.

In case of third party software in products:

The user license for third party software will also be included in the user license for the product.

This user license will only be granted to the customer under the reprieving condition of the full payment by the customer. The customer will respect our intellectual property rights at all times and make reasonable efforts to protect those rights. The client will immediately notify us of every infraction by third parties on our intellectual property rights, of which he knows of.

This is merely a translation of the Dutch law concerning Intellectual property rights, and the only legitimate version is the Dutch one.

Ban on recruiting consultant

The client also undertakes no effort in trying to employ a staff member of the consultant or to have them engaged by third parties and this for from the time the contract has been signed until for 24 months after the termination of this agreement.
If the client still wishes to recruit a staff member of the consultant, the client will transfer a sum of twelve times the gross monthly salary of the person concerned to the consultant.

Processing of data (GDPR)

All information about the GDPR legislation and how we treat your data as a company can be found on our website:  www.dja.be/GDPR